How to Fix Corrupt Registry in Windows 10

Restarting the computer should solve it, and you’ll have your DLL files back. If you don’t like downloading the missing DLL files online, you can try copying them from another working PC. However, many sites offer free DLL files online, but only a few are trustworthy. Some harmful web pages may have malware that can infect your entire system.

  • The article I linked to explains how to make MUI work on Windows XP.
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  • They can contain classes, icons, strings, objects, interfaces, and pretty much anything a developer would need to store except a UI.

SpeedyPC Pro is a simple tool that scans and repairs the DLL errors within a few minutes. The program optimizes your PC using its DLL database and it also has the ability to find any specific DLL file that is missing in your system. That’s not all though, as SpeedyPC allows quick installation of a missing DLL on Windows XP and later versions. DLL-files Fixer eliminates all DLL errors and registry errors from your PC.

Since this error is caused by DLL files, you can try installing DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ to fix this error. When installing Microsoft Visual C++, make sure to install all versions of it. This folder contains all xinput9_1_0 the common DLL files that Windows or applications usually require to run properly. Hence, if the application requires .NET Framework to run but it is not installed on your Windows, try installing .NET Framework to fix this error. Therefore, we will try installing the DirectX module, which will overwrite the corrupted DLL files with the new ones. Moreover, this error may also occur if you have downloaded the application or game from a third-party source, or if you have 32-bit DLL files with 64-bit Windows.

Why is my laptop showing error copying file or folder?

The program supports FAT, NTFS, and exFAT file systems. FAT and exFAT are used for SD cards, flash drives, and USB drives with less than 4GB of storage.

which dll files contain icons

DirectX is a group of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that are used to develop, render, and manage graphics. Games are developed using DirectX APIs, which help game developers avoid writing new versions for every new graphics card. The DirectX module contains many DLL files, and when some of them become corrupted, a 0xc00007b error appears when attempting to launch any game or application. As mentions above, application conflict also blocks the game from installing. You can check which program or startup service are causing the conflicts by performing a clean boot. Windows Defender Firewall and some third-party antivirus programs also block a genuine game from installing.

It modifies those files to bypass or execute the desired functions, increasing the chances of DLL-related errors. So, running a full system scan using a reliable antivirus program is advisable. When installing third-party software for the first time, it asks for several options in its setup stage. Suppose your computer suddenly shuts down or reboots at that moment. In this case, the software may install incorrectly due to corrupted installation files. Corrupt DLL – a DLL, like any other file or folder on your computer, can become corrupt. If you have manually attempted to alter the contents of a file, then this too can lead to a corruption.

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